IT security

We have a dream — securing your safety and protecting you in the worldwide information technology space. That is why we are focused on educating everyone who desires — not just our customers, but really anyone.

There is a prevalent belief that in order to increase security one has to sacrifice usability.[1] We believe that there are better ways to increase security. Not only we believe it — we know it — and we know how to achieve that.

That’s why our mission is providing clients with security solutions that display positive usability footprint.

We will create, reconcile and execute a project according to your request in one of our areas of expertise with utmost care and confidentiality:

  • security consulting
    • information security
    • computer systems security
    • network security
  • investigation of security incidents
    • attack mitigation
    • attack vector assessment
    • identification of involved systems and persons
    • patching and reconfiguration of vulnerable systems
  • IT security audit
    • penetration testing
    • social engineering
    • attacks on access control systems
    • offensive testing of alarm systems
  • software analysis
    • reverse engineering
    • analysis of undocumented communication protocols
    • white box security testing
    • black box security testing
  • hardware for IT security research
    • assembly and delivery
    • training of researchers

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