Mg. sc. comp. Kirils Solovjovs

is an IT security expert and lead researcher. He has vast experience in network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering and security incident investigation. Kirils has three higher education degrees with distinction, including  a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Latvia where he specialized in computer networks and project management. Kirils’ professional competence is complemented by helping out NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence with the “Crossed Swords” red team exercise.

He has acquired deep understanding of all levels of the OSI/ISO model, routing, defensive and offensive technology, database systems and computer engineering (DSP, including ADC). While working for various  non-governmental organizations he was responsible for international collaboration and project management.

In recent years he has discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in both Latvian and international information systems. Kirils Solovjovs is also the founder of CERT’s Security experts group in Latvia.

In 2003 Kirils had already created his own social network for his friends. He is the project lead of and has conceived various projects including,, and Riga State Gymnasium No. 1 public address system. Kirils supports the open source movement and loves to share his code.

Jānis Jansons

is a programmer and a researcher. He has several years of experience in software development, UI/UX and project distribution. He spends great part of his time contributing to open source software development and always keeps up with the latest information on IT security, swiftly absorbing knowledge on new security tools and methods.

Jānis chooses Linux operating system for his everyday use, while also having unparalleled experience with OSX and Windows systems administration. When coding he prefers Python or Perl, at times also Java or PHP and their libraries.

Jānis’ private portfolio includes such applications as E-talons reader, Tespeed and others.