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We are a limited liability company officially registered in and operating from the beautiful country of Latvia located in the Baltics. Latvia is a member of the OECD (since 2016), European Union (since 2004), NATO (since 2004), WTO (since 1997), Council of Europe (since 1995), United Nations (since 1991), and OSCE (since 1991).

e-mail: possible [at]
phone: +371 26036916


Fingerprint of our current PGP encryption key is 8D BC 7B 0B B0 DC E0 25 87 81 C0 72 27 7B 62 34 45 56 51 15. Signed transition certificate.

Fingerprint of our previous PGP encryption key is FC 4F 80 DB 65 A7 B5 50 CA AE 4D F8 BD 9C AD AB 33 18 39 5A.

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