They say that everyone is an expert in their own field. We agree! We feel that every company is best in their own scope. We don’t trade food, nor we mine coal, nor we repair furniture. Data is our business.

We seamlessly blend to your expectations offering you services and products on favourable terms:

  • localized or complete administration of your systems and computer networks
  • IT system monitoring
  • RFID systems and equipment
    • design
    • delivery
    • configuration
  • access control and video surveillance
    • design
    • installation
    • modernization

If you’ve been hacked or there’s been another kind of security incident before you managed to apply for our IT security services we extend you our sympathies and offer you a helping hand: we’ll restore your systems and computer networks to a working state (while preserving any evidence of the attack), identify the attackers and further verify your security.

Essential and integral part of our services is assistance at the time of the incident. Third-party involvement in early phases of attack mitigation will help you facilitate drafting the content of a criminal case. That in turn will aid you in successfully moving forward a criminal investigation eventually resulting in prosecution of the attacker. We are ready to respond to your distress call 24/7. We will arrive at the scene within the hour*, sign the contract, and immediately get to work. If working on-site isn’t possible or practical, we offer the option to sign the contract remotely using secure digital signatures.

When there is need to accelerate work on an intricate task related to programming, administration or systems architecture, we want you to be sure that we can provide you with a solution. Our offer is simple — quality and speed. That will help you save both time and money as we charge by the hour.

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* in Riga; reaction time depends on location.