Data acquisition and analysis

Today the amount of data grows exponentially and greatly exceeds one people used to work with at the end of the last century. The quantity of data in the Internet increases every second[1] and requirements for data processing are growing in unison. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to tap into the treasure cove — vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big network — the Internet.

It’s easily possible to get overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of data available. We are happy to help you focus on the significant, rediscovering the hidden potential of your data.

We can rapidly deliver the following services with excellent quality:

  • data acquisition
    • from public sources including databases and social networks
    • from databases provided by you
    • from other sources
  • monitoring
  • batch data format conversion
  • retrieval of damaged data
  • large-scale data processing and analysis
  • analytic and data visualisation software
    • development
    • adaptation
    • user training

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